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                                                                          Hebei Cangzhou Bohai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

                                                                          From Monday to Sunday wholeheartedly at your service throughout the day

                                                                          Address: hebei cangzhou north airport highway (104)

                                                                          Sales Tel: 0086-317-4843018 5697935 5697936

                                                                          Tel: 0086-317-5697996 5697989

                                                                          Fax: 0086-317-4842108

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                                                                          The bohai machinery in urumqi, xinjiang office

                                                                          Tel: 0086-991-3756777

                                                                          Fax: 0086-991-4561002

                                                                          Hand machine: 0086-13579803368

                                                                          Bohai machinery in Hohhot office

                                                                          Telephone: 0086-471-5960271

                                                                          Hand machine: 13947103740