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                                                                          The epidemic has passed → embark on a new journey

                                                                                On October 27th, 2022, an epidemic broke out in Cangzhou City, and the whole city was closed and controlled. Workers stopped working and students stopped studying and attending classes.

                                                                                 On the afternoon of October 28th, our city held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in COVID-19 to inform the latest situation of epidemic situation in COVID-19 and the development of epidemic prevention and control work.

                                                                                Our company actively responded to the call to stop production as soon as possible, and fully cooperated to fight the epidemic together.      Like an epidemic spring, it is strong when you are weak, and weak when you are strong. Each of us took up "weapons" to fight the epidemic, cooperated with medical staff to conduct nucleic acid testing, stayed at home and won the war without smoke.

                                                                               On December 5th, 2022, our city responded to the new national epidemic prevention policy, and constantly improved its scientific and accurate prevention and control ability in response to virus variation. Our city has also cancelled all nucleic acids and lifted the comprehensive containment.


                                                                                The new year will begin, the Spring Festival will come, and the three-year epidemic will finally end. At the same time, canceling all nucleic acids does not mean relaxing prevention and control, let alone letting go and lying flat. Starting from today, everyone should wear masks, do a good job of protection, strengthen exercise, improve body immunity and welcome a better new life.


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                                                                                 Due to the unexpected epidemic, the goods originally sent out can't be delivered on time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to users, and thank you for your understanding and support. We will work together to write a new chapter in the future.

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